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Learn, Think, Grow

Welcome to a game-changing online learning platform giving you the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, and having fun doing so!

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Mindoe is our elite new learning platform where you come to learn, develop your business skills, and become masters of your craft. Mindoe has a wide range of interactive courses curated by our team of coaches, some of the most respected and successful leaders and experts in their fields. So if you want to become a master of selling, negotiation, communication, and networking, just to name a few, Mindoe is here to help you get right to the top of the business world.

You can customize your profile on Mindoe by adding additional personal information such as interests or your profile picture. Click on your name in the top right corner and select ‘Profile’. Choose ‘Edit Profile’ and, in the ‘User Picture’ section, you can drag and drop or upload your new profile picture, add some interests, or add a nickname.

All courses have various multimedia formats and may, in some cases, be heavier than others. This is also an advantage, as every course you start will download content on your mobile, so you can keep learning offline. Pay attention to the download bar to know when the course will be ready, and enjoy!

To start with, we only have English, but during our monthly releases, we will start to add new languages to the exciting roster of courses.

Yes, you can actually use Mindoe on any device. Our content is responsive, which means it will adjust to your mobile, iPad, or laptop screen.